• Vinyl Record Protection

We are huge fans and vinyl record collectors ourselves here at Slim Disc.
Records are getting forever more valuable and collectable, protecting
your vinyl collection is essential to maintain the best condition and 

Traditional 12" vinyl album covers are made of PVC, which deforms
with heat, stocks together easily making browsing a pain when your 
records have been stored for a long period of time. 
PVC sleeves also have an orange peel effect and make the artwork
small text hard to read.
PVC is known for cracking easily and ageing.
PVC is also quite heavy, just 100 sleeves in PVC will add a lot of weight
making it more difficult to move and store your records.
PVC outer record covers are often welded with a 2mm weld which creases looking messy.

A vinyl record sleeve is nothing new, however ours are different:

  • Providing excellent visibility, protecting the artwork and prevents discs from scratching,

  • Made entirely from environmentally friendly polypropylene with high contact-clarity,

  • Polypropylene is 100% recyclable and is forty percent lighter than comparable PVC sleeves

  • Polypropylene is also resistant to chemical attack, offers a wider temperature range and is
    the material of choice for long-term archival needs,

  • Does not stick. Pulling records in and out of a shelf is easy, as Polypropylene has a slippery surface.

  • Very small weld, makes the sleeve less bulky, and will not split on the edges.

  • Stock item available for same and next working day dispatch. Delivery in UK within 1-4 working days.
    For delivery times outside the UK please contact sales@slim-disc.com.

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    Vinyl Record Protection

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