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Media Storage Solutions

DVD storage sleeves, Vinyl sleeves, cd disc storage & more

DVD storage sleeves

Storage and space saving solution for your CD, DVD or BLUERAY collection

Are you looking for a high density storage system for your media collection?
Slimdisc is your ultimate space saving collection protection !

Over the years you may have amassed hundreds or thousands of DVD movies, CD's orVinyl records. If storage space is becoming critical Slimdisc sleeves are the perfect solution for you.

We understand how valuable and important your DVD , CD or BLURAY collection is to you, as a collectoryou want to keep your recorded media tidy, catalogued, easy to browse and easy to access and also preservethe original artwork.

Time to de-clutter?

If your shelves are full of clumpy plastic jewel cases for your CD's or thick Amaray DVD casesall over the place, our DVD storage system, and CD storage stsyem is the perfect solution for storing yourcollection in a neat way and truly save you heaps of space. In fact up to 600% more space for Bluray titlesgiving you the possibility to continue collecting ! You will be amazed on just how much room you save.

Design and quality

The Slimdisc media storage systems is specifically designed to store your DVD collection, Blurays discs,music CD, games, or Vinyl records by completely protecting the original artwork sleeves from dust,scratches and finger prints, is easy to handle and read the artwork thanks to its completely transparenthigh quality thick Polypropylene material all made here in the UK. We have designed our movie and musicstorage sleeves with no flaps as these get in the way when you browse your collection.To protect your discs from dust, we advise storing your collection in boxes, or on a shelf system.

When your DVD or CD sleeves are stored together, you can still see the spine and titles for easy browsing.


Raw materials play a crucial role in our product and are carefully selected from our raw material supplierswho offer a total commitment to quality and product development. The materials used are Polypropylene (PP).We do not use Polyvinylchloride (PVC). Polypropylene is a versatile polymer available with applications,both as a plastic and as a fibre, in virtually all of the plastics end-use markets” (British Plastics Federation).It is 100% recyclable and a very flexible material.


We do not use Vinyl Products (PVC)which means that your movie or music collection will not stick togetheronce it is shelved, it will not curl around the edges, nor ripple or distort with heat, making searching for atitle easy. Besides vinyl is a toxic material, and is banned now in some countries. Over time PVC sleeves often stick to glossy printed artwork, and can ruin the printed material when you remove the printed materialfrom the sleeve.

Vinyl record protecting sleeves in PVC are also heavy, by using PP material we save a lot of weight makingit easier on your shelves or boxes, and easier to handle large collections. Our high quality Polypropylene hasno imperfections and is beautifully made.

Original Artwork and Covers / Outer Sleeves

The Slimdisc CD storage system was designed by avid collectors, we fully understand the need to protect yourCD sleeves and insert notes, booklets etc.. With CDs, DVD's and Blurays, the artwork will be left intact and inoriginal condition. With our protective sleeves you do not need to create a damaging and unsightly crease in themiddle of the spine of the DVD cover.

Our outer sleeves will protect the artwork as originally intended, should you ever wish to revert back tothose pesky clumpy boxes one day or if you wanted to sell on your collection on.

The value of your media will not be downgraded due to artwork damage.

Our DVD and Bluray storage sleeves are made differently from rival products and will specifically fit theartwork to match the sleeve, so you will not have to make do with a taller sleeve than needed to storeyour Bluray otherwise making the top part of the sleeve floppy and hard to browse your collection whichis how most of our rivals do. The Slimdisc sleeves for Bluray are made specifically to Bluray artwork size.

A simple no fuss storage system.

Why make it more complex, and costly by adding ring binders, cases and specific sleeves?Slimdisc offers a simple, cost effective way to store your dvd, cds and blurays in the way you want. Youcan store them on a shelf, or in boxes. We have opted against a binder system as this is limiting, costly,and more difficult to find a title when you want it. Binders have a specific size, and may not fit in your shelves,as your collection grows you will need to buy more binders which can become discontinued, or change in design.

If your collection is large huge binders will take much longer to organise, needing more time to transfer your DVD or CDsfrom cases into sleeves, then binders.

With Slimdisc, the process is simple and quick, it will take you about 30 seconds to transfer your CDs from a jewel caseinto a Slimdisc Cd sleeve. The same can be said for CDS and Bluray sleeves.

Inside the outer sleeve

Artwork is important, however a damaged disc is not good to anyone, we have paid special attention tothe way we store the discs themselves, by specifying a scratch proof material. However you still do needto take care when handling your disc in and out as a matter of cause and avoid sliding the disc on the sleeve surface, it is best to hold the sleeve on the edge, and gently push the disc inside avoiding any contactwith the data face of the recorded disc.

For music CD's we provide one paper sleeve with a film for the artwork, this is a similar method used fordecades to protect vinyl records allowing you to see the CD printed aside whilst protecting the encodedsurface. If you have a double or triple CD album our outer polypropylene sleeve will cope with the artworkwith thick inner booklets and up to three CD's. You will however need to purchase additional paper innerinsert sleeves. This arrangement may make it tight, but works.

For the Bluray discs, games and DVD discs, we provide a Polypropylene sleeve allowing you to store upto two discs for those double disc titles. The discs are protected by a centre wall to prevent discs rubbingtogether potentially causing damage to the discs.The artwork also remains visible with the transparent fronts. If you have triple or quadruple disc sets,simply purchase additional inner sleeves.

Vinyl Records

As you know vinyl records are increasing in value and new collectors coming onto the market are lookingfor pristine records. The value of your vinyl record will be severely degraded if the original artwork recordsleeves are damaged or worn. The kept condition of a vinyl record with its artwork is becoming ever moreimportant to collectors. Many collectors now buy new re-issues and keep them sealed as a collection item.

There is no better way to protect your collection and investment other than a high quality sleeve.Our vinyl record sleeves do not stick, crack or fade with time, and because we use Polypropylene it will nothave the bad smell associated with Vinyl record sleeves and will weigh a lot less too. Our sleeves will protect7" singles or 12" records cover sleeves.