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Media Storage Solutions

Creating space with Blu Ray, CD, Vinyl and DVD storage sleeves

  • Do you have a large collection of movies, music cd's and games?
  • Is your movie collection or music getting out of control! with boxes everywhere?
  • Can't find a thing?

Slimdisc was created for collections and people looking to de-clutter.

The founder of Slim Disc had just this problem with over five thousand music CDs and more than 1000 DVDs in his ever growing collection with CD boxes falling all over the place getting broken, DVDs stored in wardrobes, under the bed, on shelves, in boxes in the garage etc.. Frustrated by not being able to see the full collection easily in one place also meant that often duplicate titles where purchased.

The original jewel case packaging on Compact Discs and Amaray DVDs cases are ugly, fragile and unnecessarily bulky, soon taking up huge amounts of space. Just100 DVD's in your collection takes a lot of room at almost 1.5meters of shelf space. This figure as actually the average CD music collection for an adult in the UK. A music fan / collector can very easily amass well over 600 CD in a modest collection, larger collectors are reported to own 2500 to 4000 CDs.

Here in an interesting fact, if your music collection consists of just 500 CD titles you will be needing about 7.5 meters of shelf space! this can equate to an entire wall, or the need for a dedicated piece of furniture for the storage of the collection.

A large collection of 4000 music CDs will require 60 meters of space !!

According to the above research 44% of the population owns up to 50 DVD's, 4% have more than 200 in their collection. That is indeed many thousands of movie, TV, and music fans with a lot of plastic boxes laying around.

All this sea of brittle plastic takes far too much space. Here at Slimdisc we have developed a storage system to not only protect your media but to vastly reduce the space required to store your discs.

The idea came from the founder of the Slimdisc who himself at the time had a collection of over 1000 DVD, 150 Blurays discs, and over 5000 music CD's and over 5000 vinyl 12" records and LP's. Too big a collection for his wife who wanted to see the walls in the house again ! The collection certainly took a lot of space, but after meeting many other avid collectors over the years he found that he had a fairly modest collection in comparison to other movie collections, and music collectors. After speaking to many other collectors, the founder of Slimdisc realised that all serious collectors crave more space, and a simple cost effective storage solution !

The push to get Slimdisc started came when the owner's wife had told him the collection had to go unless it got sorted! at the same time the owner's friends who also had much larger collections mentioned how they could not find anything on the market good enough to catalogue and enjoy the collection whilst at the same time wanting to ditch those pesky plastic jewel boxes and Amaray boxes which take so much room.

After careful market research, and research on materials Slimdisc was born and thanks to a system that is so simple and practical you can now save up to 6 times the space.

That makes a huge difference when you see it allowing to tidy up, organise and sort your valuable collection, and have the pleasure of browsing through your titles, or to increase your collection whilst keeping the wife happy with a tidy house !

Once you have replaced all of the original plastic boxes with Slimdisc, you will find that the titles are easy to find, with a similar look to a vinyl record collection on a shelf. Simply flick through, browse and find titles again you had forgotten you had!

With Slimdisc one of the advantages is that the storage system is non destructive on the original artwork. Should you ever wish to sell on some of your titles, you simply place the artwork and disc back into a jewel case or DVD case and presto, as good as originally bought. Damaged artwork would otherwise potentially devalue the item when re-selling.

Since the founder of Slimdisc put all of his music CD's into the Slimdisc storage system, the 2000 music CD collection which took an entire wall of the lounge from top to bottom needing over 22meters of shelf space! has now reduced to just 5 meters of shelving. All 2000 music CD's now sit in one book shelf that is one meter wide!

Digital storage / Physical copy

For us here at Slimdisc, there is nothing like owning the original release with artwork and booklet. Music CD's new releases and older re-issued titles often come with lots of info, and with booklets which are several pages long offering info you can enjoy reading whilst listening to the music. A hard drive failure won't loose your physical collection.

Digital does have its advantages of course when it comes to space but you are dependent on your internet speed and quality of provider if you are streaming, or is reliant that the "cloud" will store your media forever? Your digital collection has no value in the cloud, no second hand resalable value.

Compared to steaming, with physical copies you will have no buffering and no forced ads to sit through, with movies you can enjoy some of the extras DVD's offer which digital does not.

Supporting physical recorded media will continue to encourage record companies to release new music material. For a collectors point of view the joy of seeing re-issued older more obscure titles with artwork from the era collected becoming available in physical form is great.

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