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Real Customers, telling us about Slimdisc by email.
We would love to hear from you, and to publish your comments here:
(we only publish your 1st name initial, your town and country, not your full name address)

I have bought 2000 of your sleeves, they are the best ones I have sued so far.
I tried a few others before. My room is very tidy now I can fit all of my CDs and DVDs
into one bookcase. I gave away my old boxes to the local library. You can tell your customers
who ask you what to do with the boxes not to throw them, they are always wanted by libraries.

The bonus is that I got my lounge back !! I highly recommend for de
Helen DeSuza, Leicester, UK
Reply by Slimdisc: 
Thank you for your comments, we appreciate your feedback. 

HI, I wanted to say thank you for shipping 
quickly this excellent product, and in the process saving
lots and lots of space, I am off to buy new
dvds now ! 
J Harrisson, Leeds, UK
Reply by Slimdisc: 
Thank you for your comments, enjoy shopping for new movies.

Hello Slim Disc team,
I have to tell you how great this product is, I tried another product, but this damaged the sleeves of
our DVD's as we had to fold the covers to fit. Your material is very nice thick quality, looks great too!
we will be now replacing all the plastic boxes of our CD album collection, we have over 500 CDs 
this is taking too much space. We will be able to store all our media in one shelf now. Thanks you and
keep up the good work.

Mrs Hill, Atlanta, USA
Reply by Slimdisc: 
Hello, we are pleased you liked our quality, we do work hard to supply the best product.

We look forward to your next order to protect your CD collection, by ditching the CD plastic
jewel cases you will go from needing 5 meters of shelf space to only 1.3 meters !

Your advert states I can save 6 times the space, not true. I cannot fit by packs and boxsets.
Antonio P., Pizza, 
REPLY by Slimdisc:
Hello, thank you for purchasing Slimdisc sleeves. Our DVD sleeves work very well for single titles
to replace the bulky plastic cases and CDs Jewel cases. We do state on our website in the FAQ section that
boxsets will not work unless you cut up the artwork and make a mess of the boxset. It is not possible to
fit a large box into a slim pocket. All your other titles will work though and save you lots of space.

we would love to hear your thoughts on our product or send pictures of before and after, we will publish here for others to see.

Anonymous 15/12/2015

Fantastic products and service!!..