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Blu ray Storage Sleeves

Slimdisc is a fantastic space saving system for your Blu ray collection. Our special protective blu-ray storage sleeves allow you to save 6 times the space of traditional Bluray DVD Cases. This means that you can store 25 Blu Rays in just 6.5cm of space, resulting in 382 sleeves fitting on just 1 meters worth of shelving. Organising your physical media and space saving are the core benefits of this product. You can have an organised compact movie collection whilst using specially made sleeves which hold the original printed covers preserving your much loved artwork intact.

The Slimdisc Bluray storage system compared to ring blinder style systems keeps your artwork such as inserts and printed case cover intact, retaining the re-sale value of your collection.
In a Binder a disc without its jacket art becomes worthless and hard to sell on if you ever wanted to sell on or trade your collection.


  • Space Saving Solution: Save 6 times the space. Store 100 BLURAY titles in just 26cm of space. 1 Meter of shelving will hold about 382 BLURAY slimdisc sleeves ! 
  • Holds Original Artwork: The special ergonomic design of the sleeve allows for easy insertion of the DVDs, DVD wrap and most importantly the movie artwork itself.
  • Fast Delivery: Stock item available for same and next working day dispatch. Delivery in UK within 1-4 working days.
    For delivery times outside the UK please contact sales@slim-disc.com.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made entirely from environmentally friendly polypropylene with high contact-clarity providing excellent visibility, protecting the artwork and prevents discs from scratching,
  • Recyclable: Polypropylene is 100% recyclable
  • A Lighter Blu Ray collection: 40% lighter than comparable PVC sleeves.
  • Amazing disc protection: Polypropylene is also resistant to chemical attack, offers a wider temperature range and is the material of choice for long-term archival needs,
  • Holds all standard blu ray boxed titles: (special packaging, box sets etc.. may not work)

 * Please note that Archivist MEGA pack of 5000 are made to order, lead time around 3 weeks.

We also sell traditional DVD and Game storage sleeves please click here.

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BLURAY Storage System

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